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The Interim Section

So alot has happened since I last posted on this blog, first off, I have finally had my graduation ceremony at BCU for my Bachelor of Science which was intresting to say the least. The honorary doctorate talk was very…

Pupil Premium: Is It Really Worth It?

“Economic inequality within the educational structure also contributes to the problem of poverty within education” (Vogt, 2014, 68). Vogt’s statement strengthens the argument within today’s society, where pupils from a lower income background suffer in school as they cannot afford…

Last Minute Nerves

Today is the last full day of university before I start my placement, and I must admit that I am incredibly nervous. I have heard constant horror stories of what have happened to teacher trainees in schools and the past…

Teaching Exercises

We had our first teaching exercise today, I was completely dreading it as I am still struggling with everyone’s names. But it went incredibly well. I worked with Hamaad doing a network communications exercise talking about how data can be…

What About Me?

So, I know this is like the second page I have written about myself on my websites but just an insight into who I am and what I do. Yes I know the next paragraph has been copied and pasted…

The Difference Between

So, this post has proved to be frustrating for me to write. As some of you reading may know, this blog is being used for general blogging and my thoughts and opinions on various things. I am not putting the…

Extended Gratitude

So, this is actually the full version of the acknowledgements and dedications for my dissertation, which was cut down for the submission due to certain restrictions.   Acknowledgements Dr. Yevgeniya Kovalchuk has been an incredibly supportive thesis supervisor. Her insightful…